Nice write up on Jordan Wilmore’s recruitment.

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        He didn’t make his decision until an hour before his announcement. He says that Utah was the first school to recruit him and their persistence was a big factor in his decision.

        Getting this kid over USC, UCLA, and ASU is a big win. Major props to the coaches.


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        Interesting that one of the primary factors cited in him choosing between UCLA and Utah was location (i.e., he wanted to get away from home). I think this is one of the biggest hurdles Utah faces in recruiting the kids in Utah. It’s just the way high school kids think (I did too). It is often sexier to tell your friends/neighbors/family that you are going away to school than to the school up the road. There are certainly advantages to staying close to home (comfort level, playing in front of friends/family, being a ‘hometown hero’, etc.). But for some, the local school is never really in the equation once an out of state school offers.

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          Just depends on the kid, I would have been a get out of the state kid.  Even if was just to go experience a new place.

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          Exactly right. Most kids out of high school are aching to experience some independence and try to “make it on their own”. And that’s easier to do away from home.

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        Damn Mormons keep screwing up our opportunities to sign high level minorities.

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        LOL. Right.

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