Not happy with our coaches BS

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        I’m really upset that they led us to believe that we had two great options at QB when it is clear we had one decent option, and one very very bad option. I know they can’t, but I really wish they’d just be honest about our pass game sucking for once.


        Bentley is absolutely awful. Rising was super timid and soft in his limited time playing.

        Is Whitt delusional? Did he really think both of these guys were good options? Because it’s pretty clear they both stink.

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        This is a strange “season” with unforeseen obstacles. Throw into it Riding getting hurt, and Utah having an “opener” on November 21st, this is what you get. 


        If if you are looking for a crisp team at this point, you are insane. Both QB’s might suck, they also might be just fine. This is their first live game action with these dudes, in an insane time. 



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        It’s there 1st game back and they have potential. Rising didn’t play at Texas and Bentley had not played in a long time. Plus USC has a lot of athletes and our OL looked poor. When they had time to throw they looked good.

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        I don’t think it’s fair to say that either of these Qb’s suck at this point after just one game, they’ll go back to film and clean things out, lets see what game 2 looks like and then we can pass judgment.

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        Well, watch more football and you will see good players and good plans can have everything go wrong in a day.  Only a fool would expect what is seen in practice to be consistently repeated across any opponent.  I think George Patton, one of the greatest, said ‘things go wrong because the other side has a plan too’.  USC has the talent to disrupt a plan.

        A data point of one game is not enough to judge.  If what we see continues over a few games, then I will agree.  As for Bentley, likely the game plan and certainty practice reps were tailored to Rising.  The last minute loss of Covey for the game takes away the best receiver.  But at the top of the explanation, I would put an A grade for the plan USC had to run blitz and pressure.  That was the right strategy at the right time.  Ludwig needs to game plan for that defense even though only a few teams have the talent to make it work so well.

        We have a lot of history of bouncing back from a loss looking much better.  Let’s hope this situation is another example of that in the Big Book.

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