Oline vs Washington

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        Ute Fan

        Im sure glad we have this game at home. Washington hasnt experienced anything close to how loud Rice Eccles will be on Saturday. I think it will be a nice advantage.

        Our Oline will be huge in determining the winner of this game. I feel great about our run blocking and Joe looks great. They have improved every game this year. The pass blocking is another matter. Ucla was constantly getting pressure on Troy and making it difficult for plays to develop. If we can sure up a bit and give Troy a little time I feel pretty good about our chances in this game. Were going to need to score some points to win this one.

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        I was at the game and felt that Troy suffers from indecision/holding onto the ball too long and he has poor pocket awareness. In contrast, UCLA’s QB Fafaul did an excellent job of getting the ball out quickly, thereby nevating Utah’s pass rush.

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          Ute Fan

          UCLA corners are some of the best in the country and were shutting down the short routes because the pass rush was able to get home. UCLA would rush 4 and Williams was often getting hit or scrambling after 2 seconds, not enough time to survey the field, set his feet and throw. Fafaul often had 2-3 seconds before even being pressured and that’s with Utah rushing 5 players.

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        Ute Fan

        We were at the game as well and I saw that Troy was struggling to find open receivers. He did not have a lot of time in the pocket but the main problem was our guys just weren’t open. 

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