On the Bright Side, It could have been Worse.

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      We could look to Michigan St for a worse performance relative to seeding. We can look to USC for a bad last minute implosion. And USC can look to Northern Iowa for a historic and precendent setting last minute implosion from 14 points up.

      Utah simply got beat by a better team. That is all.

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      Two of the last three games of the year we were blown off the court. Tough way to end. Not sure it could have been worse…

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        I feel like the blowouts all started with our impromptu road trip to Vegas to see them get throttled by Oregon. They never really recovered after that. We jinxed them.

        Honestly, the absence of Delon Wright really showed. It showed early in the season where the backcourt looked lost. Then it seemed like they finally figured out how to play without Delon and with Poetl, but that lasted only for a stretch. Then the issue reared its head again in the loss to Oregon. Opposing teams watch tape and the good coaches figure it out.

        There was a link on the other site to a Post NCAA interview with Josh Grant. He said basically the same: missed Delon Wright, no true point guard and he blamed the inability to effectively play with a back-to-the-basket big man on AAU style of play. Apparently, Krystkowiak’s frustration was the team’s continued inability to get the ball into Poetl. Even Bill Walton would make the same comments: “Got to get the ball into the big man.”

        It’s over. Time to move on. They will need to reload and rebuild for next year.

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          If you look at our trajectory we are certainly going the right direction. Lots of reloading to do and I hope our recruiting improves. We need more depth and more “talent.”


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