One old Ute’s assessment of the first fourth of the season

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        Ute Fan

        The offense is not as consistent as I had hoped.  I had high expectations for Rising and Thomas and I don’t think that either is playing as well as they did at the end of last season.  They aren’t bad, just not as good as I would have expected.  Kuithe/Kincaid are doing exactly what I thought they would do and the Oline is doing Okay, but I was a bit disappointed in how they handled the stunting last night.  We miss Covey big time.  I am happy with Vele and I think we need to get more of the WRs involved.

        We were terrible on defense in Gainsville.  We have done good since, but haven’t played a good offensive team.  I suspect a big test will be against OSU in two weeks.  We are young and I hope we are improving.

        Special teams outside the muffed punt have done okay.  Nothing spectacular, but not making a lot of mistakes.

        It was this time last year when we started to turn things around.  I hope we still see some big improvement.  If I had to bet today on what I have seen – I suspect we will end up 8-4 or 9-3.  I hope we see the improvement and we do better.  I think it is possible that we win out, but that won’t happen unless our offense is in sync.

        Go Utes!!!


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        Ute Fan

        I think Utah is ahead of where they were this time last year. 

        Utah’s offense will need to score 40 plus to win most of the games left on the schedule. Outside of ASU, Zona and Colorado. This is because Utah’s defense isn’t as good as last season. Which doesn’t mean they can’t improve. I just feel like Scalley hasn’t figured these guys out yet. 

        I really don’t think any opposing defense can stop Utah from scoring that much to. It really feels like Utah’s offense is gimping itself at times. 

        I hope we are up tempo to start the Scum Devils game. Bernard as others have said should start. Rising needs to continue going through progressions and they should be just fine. Every game ramps up the preparation for SC. 

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          Tony (admin)

          Devin Lloyd made up for a lot of deficiencies last year, it would seem. 

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            2008 National Champ
            Ute Fan

            don’t forget nephi. his ability and consistency allowed Scalley to use Lloyd in a lot of different ways for maximum effect.

            Bishop is the most dynamic defender but there will be games that the LB’s have to step it up. The Ute D is designed for LB’s who can play sideline to sideline and right now they can only go forward or back.

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            Ute Fan

            Or maybe, in my mind, Devin did so much that we didn’t develop in game quite as much in the LB side and he was such great support for the DL and CBs, that some people haven’t fully grown into the roles yet. Aside from Richardson (and think back tonorher athletic QBs, they have always given us trouble), our D has looked phenomenal (against lower competition). We will see what’s up over the next 2 weeks. I think we will be fine, honestly. It takes time to gel. OSU and UCLA will be good tests. If we whether it well, we shoukd be fine. Our offense is WAY MORE important than our D. We won’t stop USC. We NEVER stop USC, we just always outscore them. 

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