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      So we had some nice mid court seats on the floor for last night’s painful game against Oregon. Oregon fans naturally pressed down closer to the court to watch the post game celebrations. We watched for awhile, but eventually worked our way up through a sea of Oregon fans to the exit. To a man, the Oregon fans were Patting us on the back saying “chins up, we know you’re better than tonight. Good luck and go deep in the tourney.” Pretty much a universal response. Nothing like the vitriol we hear from the Zoob fan base. Life in the PAC 12 is much better. Lot of mutual respect. Utah has arrived.

      That is all.

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      Tony (admin)

      My experience to Oregon fans was quite the opposite here at the Hunty 2 years ago. They were douches with a capital D. Every fanbase has them I guess.

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        I usually feel like I sit with more douchey Utah fans than poor sport opposing fans base.

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      Puget Ute
      Ute Fan

      The old timers who have been around the program for a long time are great. They are a pleasure to be around. People who actually attended the school are likewise great.

      The douchy fans often became fans within the last decade, usually just own the t-shirts and a few hats, and have not even visited the campus in Eugene let alone attended school there.

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      These were largely students as we exited through their section. We were just a couple of somber old men.

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      Astute Ute
      Ute Fan

      My experience at the Hunty was quite the opposite, even though I am 99% sure that they were Zoobs in their pac 12 team disguise, as they made a reference to us almost losing our bowl game several times. Mostly douchey, but up in Eugene for the football game my experience was 80% positive 20% negative. Mainly drunken kids, which doesn’t bother me. I was once one of them and have chanted pig f****rs to Boise State Fans…which didn’t end well for us. I believe a 36-3 beatdown. I had a harder time with U$C’s fan base. Alot of DBs

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        My bad fan experience, with the exception of Zoobs, has been the same. When you get bad fans, it’s usually drunken kids.

        In this instance after last weeks game, we were walking up the stands from floor seat through their student section which was directly in the arena exit path to the casino and the parking structure. Heads down, somber and just looking to exit, yet a few went out of their way with some nice comments and well wishes. Honestly, I think they all realized how brutally tough the Conference had been this season.

        Now that we’ve been in the PAC 12 for 5 years and the rest of the Conference has seen what we can bring, pretty much a lot of respect across the board. No one takes Utah lightly. Whether football or basketball, they all know they are in for a battle with Utah.

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