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      Kind of an awkward exchange when Yogi hears Utah has a CFP qualities. Ummm so clearly the favorite. Uhhh yeah Yogi if they make the CFP they win the conference.
      Parts of Utah seem amazing. Dline, DB’s and the Backs. I am not predicting a CFP like some talking heads. I saw how difficult it was to get the South won.

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      Ute Fan

      Yogi preseason last year thought Utah was the best team in the conference. He said about the same, went to all programs for part of fall camp, came out believing Utah was the team to beat. Well, not quite. Utah had a few missteps, ASU, and the subsequent loss of key players. Obviously, Utah won the South, competed for the Pac-12 championship and lost on the muffed pass that was returned for a TD. The only TD in the game, as we are all painfully aware.

      But one year later, lots of experience, hunger after tasting a better margin of success, and perhaps this team is primed. I really, really, really, really hope KW et al. can keep the focus week to week. I hope Urban Meyer helped align the program to its stated goals. If that does occur, the Utes will go places this season.

      First stop, Provo. KW goes there for only two reasons, to see his mom, and to win football games.

      Go Utes. 42-17, Utah. We may be on the eve of a fantastic season.


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