Pac-12 Acknowledges Officiating Error

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      Well I guess here’s some proof for those of you who think Pac-12 officiating sucks (just think back like us older Ute fans to the Wac days…).

      SAN FRANCISCO–The Pac-12 Conference has acknowledged an error by the officiating crew during Saturday’s game between Arizona State and Washington State, Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott announced today.

      During the second quarter of Saturday’s game, Washington State completed a fourth-down pass when the receiver’s forward progress appeared to have been stopped and short of a first down when a whistle blew the play dead.

      The Line Judge indicated it was an inadvertent whistle. By the NCAA football playing rules (4-1-2-b-1), due to an inadvertent whistle, when the ball is in player possession, then the team in possession may elect to put the ball in play where declared dead or repeat the down. Washington State elected to repeat the down and subsequently scored a touchdown on the next play.

      The Pac-12 has reviewed the play and has determined it should have been stopped at the point when the whistle blew as forward progress was stopped short of the first down. The ball should have been turned over to Arizona State on downs. As a result, the officiating crew erred in ruling this an inadvertent whistle and not officiating the initial whistle as the end of the play.

      The entire officiating crew has been downgraded and the Line Judge has been suspended for the next game.

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      The Michigan St Nebraska play was way bad. Hope they downgrade those guys.

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      I think they did.

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      Ute Fan

      Big Ten head of officiating actually came out and said the Michigan St – Nebraska call was the correct call.

      “Per NCAA rules, the instant replay crew cannot review the severity of contact, as that is a judgment call handled by the officials on the field,” the Big Ten said in a statement to “If the player went out of bounds without contact, he may not return to the field to make the catch unless it has been touched first by an opponent. The instant replay crew did confirm contact between the players, that the wide receiver reestablished himself in the field of play and completed the catch. After the replay review, the referee announced that the play stands as called on the field. The intent of instant replay is not to review all judgment calls.”

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