PAC12 Weekend

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      Ute Fan

      Zona vs Colorado is a pretty good matchup. Less interesting because Tate is hurt. I expect a Colorado win. Middle of the afternoon game home team should take care of business. 

      Cal @ Oregon I did a quick google search and couldn’t see any news on Garbers yet. That kid is a good player. The backup not much at all. Stares down everything presnap. The Cal defense is good but Oregon may win big here. 

      Oregon St at fUCLA. Beavers are tough to watch. Really inconsistent on offense. I see Kelly winning but who knows. Late game on the road?  Both teams could play loose. After dark COC is nuts. 

      Washington at Stanford? Stanford is a mess…Washington should win easily. Maybe this is the upset of the night for the COC12 after dark. Go Cardinal!!

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      Ute Fan

      It’s not in Utah’s interests for Stanford to upset Washington.  We don’t play Stanford, so we’ll need Washington ranked as high as possible by the time we play them.  And since both UW and SU play in the North, the outcome of that game would have no impact on our ability to win the South.

      Utah’s rooting interests should be follow this pattern:

      1. Any Utah win.

      2. Any Pac-12 team win over any non-conference opponent

      3. Any Pac-12 North team over any Pac-12 South team

      4. Any Pac-12 win over USC

      5. A loss for any non-future opponent currently ranked up to 9 spots ahead of Utah in the polls.

      6. A loss for any non-future opponent currently ranked within 6 spots behind Utah in the polls.

      7. And of course, a win for any team playing ybU-p.

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        Ute Fan

        I don’t Washington to ever win. I also like Stanford.

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