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      Ute Fan

      Is the SOS pressure tested by week 10-11 so that it is essentially normalized? What I mean by that is we know a number of top ranked teams fall out, others stay highly ranked even if they don’t play a rigorous schedule. So whatever the SOS was early, it’s by this time useless unless it is normalized to actual play To make it relevant. I’ve read that many SEC teams, to pick on one conference, back-loads their tough games, in part because they schedule Easy State at home for the OCC games, then when they are 9-0 or 8-1 at this point in the schedule, they get ranked in the Top 10. When they then lose to a likewise highly ranked SEC team, they stay highly ranked and in discussion for the 4th spot in the CFP.

      I’ve read here complaints about most of the Top-10, the posters here do not believe their schedule is that hard, etc.

      So that leads me to ask, how rigorous is the moving week-to-week SOS?

      NCAA College Football SOS Rankings & Ratings – Basic.

      In this link, Oregon is 44, Alabama is 46, Utah is 48 and Minnesota is 66.

      UCLA is 19, Arizona is 56, and Colorado is 17.

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      Ute Fan

      I don’t think we can talk about weak schedule of anyone else. For the most part Utah has been fortunate other than the time of the USC game. Would have liked to swap that one with Washington. But maybe we don’t win in Seattle early and get the gut check. 

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