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      Ute Fan

      OK dudes,

      I’m on my way.  ’91 grad, and been to Utah gams in AZ, CO, CA, & Vegas…everywhere BUT home.  My UCLA brother is going to join me at Rice Eccles.   He bought a ticket through Vivd Seats.  2 of my sons are traveling in from out-of-state to join us.

      Question 1)  I’m guessing that we’ll be able to meet somewhere in the stadium and sit together, especially after this loss to Oregon…it probably won’t be a packed house.  Am I correct in that assumption, or are we pretty much stuck in whatever seats we have?

      Question 2)  I need 2 more tickets for my sons.  Vivid Seats, or is there anyone on here willing to sell?  I don’t care where they are (again, hoping we can all meet up and sit together).

      3) Parking & tailgates.  Where is the best place to park?  Or is Trax a good solution coming up from downtown?  Or is Trax a total mobscene.  And your tailgates?  Where are they and who do I meet up with to pay?

      Thanks Ute dudes.  I REALLY appreciate the guidance.


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      Ute Fan

      Don’t forget the dudettes. I think there are like 2 of us on here. 😜

      I would take trax or Uber/lyft if you’re just coming from downtown. Yes, you will probably be able to move seats around at some point in the game. I would look on stubhub for tickets. For tailgating, I doubt anyone will take your cash, just bring beer.
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        Ute Fan

        We need more ladies on board. They tend to be more level headed and intelligent. Especially during games. Ha ha. 

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      Ute Fan

      Thanks a ton, ladyinred. no offense intended. I call my own mom dude.

      appreciate the tips.

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      As always feel free to stop by my tailgate and say hello. I’ll buy you a frosty beverage. My group is mostly older folks who sit around and chat. No live bands or dancing girls.  BUT we are next to where the band plays about 2.5 hours before the game.

      Our food is allotted to our group but sometimes there is extra.

      Trax is great or park in the neighborhoods south of the tailgate lot and walk.  Easy. 

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      Ute Fan

      Cal grad/fan here. My son put Utah on his college list so we’re coming to Utah Friday to hopefully watch UCLA lose and visit the campus. My deceased Grandfather was a Utah grad and he grew up there so I do have some roots back there. I’m 51 and will be the guy walking around with a California Berkeley sweatshirt on. We’re going to be at the stadium 2.5 hours before the game to see the band. Any ideas on what to do between that and kickoff would be appreciated.

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        Ute Fan

        Three words:

        Walk through in your Cal sweater and you’ll get a million invites for food and drink, simply due to people’s sheer morbid curiosity.

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