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        Ute Fan

        And apparently they had a historically low rated recruiting class. Like, it would have been 9th in the MAC.  Yikes. It almost sounds like Herm checked out and went on vacation instead of recruiting.

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        Forks down baby!! Looks like I’ll be going back down to get revenge for the 2018 loss 🤞

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        McBride of Frankenstein
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        lets say they don’t fire Herm then how do they attract quality assistants with the program and Herm under a big grey cloud?  It seems like they have to fire herm now.

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          It appears that they are going to let Herm have a lame duck season and try to replace him and the AD later in the year. I wouldn’t want Harlan hiring the next coach if he’d just presided over a similar debacle on the hill.

          They’ve waited too long to try to find a quality coach in this cycle and abdicated the 2022 recruiting class in the process. Best bet is the AD either resigns this summer or is fired in the early fall. That gives them a few months to find a new AD, get a new coach and hopefully get the pieces they need to rebuild.

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