So a run down of the schedule for the optimistic person

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      You should win the first two. I don’t necessarily believe easily but we should see some depth in these first two games without showing your hand.

      Washington right into the best teams of the north. I think having this early is to Utah’s advantage personally. Especially because it is early at home. You win this and you suddenly get mentioned on national media a little more. Bye to soak it in and Whitt’s records on bye weeks is pretty damn good so sorry Leach you are a matchup hell usually but you lose. Losing your coordinator will hurt.

      At Stanford. Who the eff scheduled this season for Utah?  This is a loss,  I don’t see it going down any other way. If Utah wins this though they just put the South on notice.

      Arizona is a win easily I think to. Contrary to @utah thinks the situation down there doesn’t worry me at all. They might not even have a healthy QB again.

      USC. The game to determine the south winner. Although it really hasn’t gone that way in the south. It usually is determined late in the year. You win this and you are back in discussion nationally after losing to @Stanford.

      Chip Kelly revolution in LA will be a tough first year so win here. He doesn’t have the type of players for the system he wants and he may help us out later giving UCLA an emotional win over USC.

      ASU. Haha please but this could be that game Utah should win but is the wtf loss we all get miffed about.

      Oregon another really good North team that Utah struggles with. Revenge in RES most likely going to be the blackout game. Utah has to win this and should.

      Colorado still too young to win but this game will  be ugly and Utah will win.

      Then the gator roll team down south. Win easily with talent don’t be fancy. Don’t play on emotion just overwhelm them with superior talent and send their fans packing in the third. We might see some fans rush the field or possibly trash being thrown and refs.  This game will be really annoying to watch and most likely end in a single score win. Even though it shouldn’t.

      The optimist right now says 10 wins with loss to Stanford and tripping up at ASU.

      Pessimist: Easily could be additional losses to USC and Washington resulting in 8 wins.

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      Ute Fan

      I would be very happy with a season like this. This team has potential to be really good, but they’re still young. Should be a fun year to watch. Go Utes!


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