So much negativity, let’s hear some optimism!

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      Ute Fan

      Yeah 2-2 is not ideal. But, what do we have to look forward to starting right now with this team? What are some positive takeaways? What are your best case scenarios? No negativity on this thread, just positive vibes. I’ll start: I think having Moss rush for 106 yards, and Tyler 88 yards is good and something not to overlook going forward. I don’t see why we can’t beat Stanford next week and turn this thing around! 

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      Ute Fan

      Moss rushed 106 yards despite being hurt still. Reilly and Mitchell made comments that it was a hard fought 106 and showed no quit from that kid. 

      Back to multiple scores in a game is a good sign. 

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        Gilly Boy
        Ute Fan

        Yes and no.  We need to remember that the ‘improvement’ seen today was against one of the worst defenses in the country.  And it still wasn’t enough.  3 points in the second half??? That won’t work against anyone

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      Ute Fan

      I think we beat Stanford this week. No s(*#

      ….then we lose to Oregon USC and ASU

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      Ute Fan

      WSU was 7-0 at home last year and if the refs had done their jobs the previous week would probably have beaten USC after getting the targeting call. This is not a bad WSU team and Utah nearly beat them on the road. The South is still not looking too great and the two losses Utah has are against solid North teams.

      On the other hand:
      They really could have won this week’s game and in a conference that’s as bunched up as this years will be it’s frustrating to lose a game like this. The South is weak this year and this game will really be costly at year’s end.

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