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        Maybe Kyle and Andy’s offense/defensive philosphies mesh well with eachother and that is how the 2008 season came to be. Who knows, I definitely excited about what he brings to the table and what our offense could do this season, but I am also reserved do to past experiences with Utah’s OCs.

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          Interesting that Andy makes the point that Whitt knows what he wants and it is his job to give Whitt what he wants.  This after a number of OCs that made the point that they would be left alone by Whitt.  Possibly, this  structure will make it easier to get thru periods when the offense is not performing as needed.  There seemed to be a need for change last year, I wonder how easy it was to get done.  Not to say Whitt knows the X and Os of the offense but he does seem to have a read on when it is not working up to its capability. 

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          I just made myself a large picture of kool-aid and I am guzzling it.  I just got done watching about 30 min of Vanderbilt highlights from the 2018 season.  Andy Ludwig is exactly the OC that Utah needs.  When you have a running game that is a threat, Ludwigs RPO and play action calls are a thing of beauty.  Goal line miss-direction with power running is awesome and something that Utah has lacked over the past few seasons.  Vanderbilt got several first downs off of RPO and play action where the receivers were catching the ball without a db within 10 yards of them.  They also ran several jet sweeps and slot receiver handoffs that looked more like power running plays than spread option finess.

          I am very excited about the potential for Utah’s offense this season. I think the RB’s, TE’s, and WR’s are going to like Ludwigs offense a lot. I also think the O line is going to like the way they get to attack the opposing defense.

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