Speaking of banning web traffic from Russia

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      Tony (admin)

      For months (maybe years?) the Ute Hub server has been under constant attack by bots. It’s part of the web game. I have some software setup to automatially ban IP addresses that fail to login correctly after 10 attempts. I would then get an email notification.  Before I banned traffic from Russia, I was getting notified about bans 1000’s of times per day.  That number is now… zero.  So either bots were shut down, they moved on to another target, or perhaps banning traffic from Russia did the trick.  No matter what the cause, the result is the server resources and performance are not being eaten up by this activity anymore.  Hope it lasts. 

      GO UTES!

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      Ute Fan

      One of my many hats is workign with Network security experts, though I know next to nothign about it.  Regardless, one thing they have taught me is that 99.8% of all the attack (and they get millions every month) are from China or Russia.

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        Ute Fan

        China and Russia do account for that percent of the skullduggery on the internet. I don’t know enough about the technology but I wish we could limit persistent connections or whatever it takes to run code on another computer to only countries that actively reduce bad actors to some low threshold. Those that do not should be reduced to email and very limited traffic in a way that makes thousands of attempts an hour not possible. I have also wondered why someone does not introduce a competing network that does not allow anonymous users and has stricter rules. Possibly, a majority of users would flock to it to avoid problems. If many understood the cost of bad actors on the internet we would probably demand more controls.

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