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      Ute Fan

      The four big reasons why they believe they will win are:

      1-Heat and humidity

      2-Large loud crowd

      3-Utah’s defense didn’t look good against Ohio State

      4-Their QB Richardson

      If your top strengths have nothing to do with the players and coaches – I would think that you have something to worry about.  They act like no one is capable of beating the gators in the Swamp in late summer.  As long as our players don’t let this get in their heads – I think we will be fine.  We have played in front of many large crowds before.  This one will probably be a bit louder, but I think/hope we are prepared for this.

      I hope the Gators think what they saw in the Rose Bowl is how our defense will play.  The fans don’t know about our injuries, but I am sure the coaching staff realizes the type of defense Utah typically produces.

      The highlight film makes Richardson look like an All-American.  He has size, speed, and talent.  However, he also made some bone-headed mistakes last year and he lacks a lot of game experience.  IMO, the key will be not letting him escape from the pocket and gain 30+ yards.

      I honestly have a hard time predicting this game because I have no clue what kind of team Florida will be this year.  I know we have a very good offense and I believe we will score 28+ points.  I don’t know how good Florida will be on offense.

      Go Utes!!!



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      Larry B
      Ute Fan

      I feel like if our offense can manage the noise and maybe even take the crowd out of the game early (probably unlikely) then we’ll be just fine.

      Maybe the weather will be a huge factor but something tells me it won’t.

      AR running for large gains is a real concern for me. If we allow him to run for a bunch of yards, then I think we’re in trouble.

      It’s funny that they are talking about our defense against Ohio State not being good. They must not be familiar with why our secondary was as bad as they were. Our secondary is going to be completely different and much better on September 3rd than they were in the Rose Bowl. Plus, Florida doesn’t have receivers anywhere near OSU’s.

      The other day I rewatched the 2015 game against Oregon at Autzen Stadium. I would give anything for a performance like that against Florida.

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        Ute Fan

        To an extent by the same token a lot of the preseason hype comes from what our offense did to OSU in the Rose bowl. They (OSU) had 5 starters out in that game. ESPN has Florida with 52% chance to win, this game will be tough. I think our experience and not having to learn a new offense and defense (like they do) gives us enough of an edge to get it done. I will be at the game and am stoked, would be unbelievable to see a W in person!

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      Ute Fan

      Florida has a new coaching staff, rich with G5 experience gained from a handful of years dominating the Sun Belt conference with the Ragin’ Cajuns. HC/OC and one of the Co-DCs, all Cajuns. The other Co-DC is a 20-year job jumper who may or may not be worth anything.

      These guys are going to get their pants coached off.

      Remember how badly Whitt and crew were outcoached in our early years of the Pac-12? I do. New P5 coaches get their teeth kicked in for a few years before they start to get it.

      Utes win – Relax.

      Ahh… Just remembered. Rich Rod knew for a week they were going to be playing in a cold, rainy Rice Eccles Stadium. What did he do? Practiced at 6 am in the sprinklers. Our guys? Not so much. Zona kicked our asses the entire game.

      Not sure what my point here is exactly. Whitt obviously learned for this and we all know how he has prepped the team for this game. The new G5 guys are probably still high from sniffing all their new P5 Gator gear.

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        1 1

        2008 National Champ
        Ute Fan

        Your Whitt v Napier comparison misses the mark. Utah going from G5 to P5 is a lot different. A more apt comparison might be if Whitt took his whole staff to UCLA in 2009 (traditionally talented yet underachieving). Would you expect a proven staff to tank just because they had more talent to work with?

        There is always a period of buy-in required, but that doesn’t mean Napier isn’t a quality coach who has the ability to win a lot of games at Florida. He’s got a pretty tough test for his first game and it should help him get his guys focused which is why so many of the “experts” are predicting a much more narrow win than you would usually expect when a top-10 team plays an unranked.

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          Ute Fan

          The hot shot G5 coach leap to P5 failure rate is significant. I used Whitt because all of us have seen first hand his struggles. Of course Whitt would have ramped up faster in the UCLA example, but still had to ramp up.

          Petersen would have been a better example – a coach who actually became successful at the P5 level but got his butt kicked along the way.

          Brady Hoke, Mike MacIntyre, Gary Andersen… It’s a huge list. That’s just off the top of my head.

          There is no hot G5 Urban Meyer coach walking through that door. Napier is the next failed G5 hotshot until he proves otherwise. Odds are he’ll wash out like all the others.

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            2008 National Champ
            Ute Fan

            The failure rate for coaches at the P5 level is significant, no matter where they come from: previous coordinator, lower level head coach, changing from one P5 to another. In a world where 8 wins in a P5 conference is considered grounds for dismissal, yes Napier is more likely to be fired after 3 years than to make the playoff. Scott Satterfield, Neal Brown, Bryan Harsin and Eli Drinkwitz are all on the hot seat because they weren’t able to take historically underachieving schools to the top of the heap immediately.

            I’m still rooting for Florida to win 10 games this season since it reflects positively on Utah, no matter the result this weekend. If Napier is the failure you seem to believe, we could be looking at 2008 Michigan where winning that game did nothing for Utah when all was said and done.

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      Ute Fan

      Fwiw, gator fans talked about the heat and humidity during Urban times too, the way some Ute fans talk about the altitude. Not saying it’s nothing—it’s something—but it’s just part of being a Florida fan.

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      D T
      Ute Fan

      tOSU’s O ranked #1 nationally and, like stated, we were down to playing a RB at CB.

      We’re healthy now AND UF is no tOSU.

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      Ute Fan

      Richardson possess every physical attribute you could want in a QB. Size 6’4” 235lbs speed reported a 4.35 40 a big arm video online of him throwing it 70 yards with ease.

      The knock on him is his decision making.

      Florida’s strength is their run game. They are going to try and establish that first. Keep out of 2nd or 3rd and long. I could see them with short to medium passes for Richardson to gain some confidence.

      There will be some designed runs by him which is a big risk as the Gators have no real backup. A true freshman and walkon are behind AR.

      If you rush him and he breaks contain he could pick up huge chunks of yards. Keep him in the pocket and make him beat you with his arm/head

      The best Defense against him may be keeping him off the field. Look for Utah to run the ball and burn the clock with long scoring drives. Limit possessions and his ability to hurt you

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