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      GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Let’s do this!

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      or not.

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      We suck soooooooooo bad.

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      Glad the LK defenders are gone. I don’t see how Larry K survives. He should do the right thing and just step down.

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        Loss after embarrassing loss. He should step down.

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          I would not call myself a Larry K supporter but I have given him the benefit of the doubt a lot more than most have.  I think he did get some payback for his presser after the Oregon game in calling out the absolute s**tty double dribble call and our boys didn’t get to the line ONCE the entire game last night.  I mean, Timmy’s game alone gets him to the line at least 3-5 times in a normal game.  I also thought UCLA shot lights out but I have seen three things this season in our team that have been fairly consistent – poor defensive rotations, poor rebounding and poor perimeter defense.  If I see one more perimeter player go under a screen on a good shooter I will probably just stop watching this team until a change is made.  Those three things ARE coaching and they have plagued us all season.  I will give Larry some credit in that we have been playing short-handed for the last few weeks and were still shorthanded last night but the three things I listed are fundamentals to the game of basketball that can be drilled into a player even at the Jr. Jazz level.  I don’t care if we win or lose but I do care if we execute on the simplist fundamentals of the game.

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