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    Did anyone catch the Red Rocks meet? I am in Europe and am having a hard time finding any info that is not ksl (I hit my limit on the stupid tribune articles for the month). How did they look? I heard they placed 2nd to UCLA. These ladies are so talented,so wth are they falling to other schools? Did anyone see anything? 

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    Yeah I saw something: Horrid judging.

    If regular sports make you mad, I suggest avoiding sports where judges determine the winner. As I’ve said before, I think gymnastics at just about every level is 100% rigged. And yes, sometimes in Utah’s favor.

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      Yeah I could never put my kids in a sport where it is completely subjective. 

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    We lost it on bars and beam. Tessen fell on bars and Lee only put up a 9.775. Burch fell on beam and Stover only put up a 9.775. Those were our 1st two rotations. UCLA’s first two were vault and bars. They did poorly. Even with this, we had a decent lead after the first two roations but we had an opportunity to put them away early and didn’t.

    Between those 4 routines, if we could have managed at least two 9.85s it’s a tie score. If someone throws up say … 9.875 or better, plus another 9.85 we win. It’s not unreasonable at all to have expected something like a 9.85 and a 9.875 in those situations. We could have buried UCLA early but didn’t. It’s not unreasonable to expect Lee and Stover to step up and do something better than 9.7s.

    I am much more p**sed about this than I am about the judging.

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    @noneyadb has an article about it. Also follow @Holli_Alexa on Twitter. Dr Hill needs to raise some hell.


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