Thanks Larry K!

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      Ute Fan

      First I’ll say that today I’m very very excited about the future of the bball program.  I’m glad they found a way to can coach k and move on.  I really liked coach K but feel it was for sure the right move!


      that said, he left this place so much better than he found it.  He took over for Boylen who CRATERED the program.  The team boylen left behind was trash(although the team he coached and encouraged to transfer was really talented) the facilities were trash and the enthusiasm was trash.  It was a total sh$! Show.  And I was one of the few that sat in the hunty and watched it burn to the ground.

      Amd then k came and brought us back from the dead.  Larry put players, facilities amd enthusiasm back into the program.   And he deleivered a lot of really fun basketball, albeit not recently. (I know the enthusiasm has wained quite a bit but it’s still a frickin party today compared to boylens last years)

      Whoever takes over is going to walk into a program with really good talent(I get that transfers are a possibility) top Tier facilities, top tier salary potential and heck of a lot more support than k started with.  And I think K was a big part of that and deserves a lot of credit for leaving a program so much better than he found it.

      So props and thanks to coach k!  

      now bring on that shiny new coach!!!!!!  I’m really excited to see what’s next!!



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      Ute Fan

      Hot take!

      To sum it up…he pulled a Ronnie Mac for the bball program.  With all its ups and downs…

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        Matthew Thomas Castleton
        Ute Fan

        If Krystkowiak was Ron McBride, Utah needs to find their Urban Meyer equivalent. Maybe that’s Alex Jensen? Utah’s last 3 head coaching hires all came from outside the program. Krystkowiak had no ties to the Utah program and his only tie to Utah in any capacity was that he briefly played for the Jazz in the early 1990’s. Boylen had ZERO ties to Utah (he was the lead assistant at Michigan State). Ray Giacoletti ALSO had no Utah ties (he was the coach at Eastern Washington).

        To me, it’s time to hire an actual Utah man to lead Utah’s program. Plus I want Alex Jensen because I really like how the Jazz play both offensively and defensively. Especially on offense with their ball movement. That’s how basketball is SUPPOSED to be played and the Jazz are proving it right now. Not to mention the fact that Michigan basketball hired a former player from their glory years to be their head coach (Juwan Howard) and he has led them to national prominence again. Jensen is the OBVIOUS #1 choice. My #2 choice though would be Loyola Chicago Coach Porter Moser. He was the one who lead them to the Final Four in 2018 and he is a former Majerus assistant when the fat man coached at Saint Louis. Jensen ALSO coached under Majerus at Saint Louis plus he was the 2013 NBA D-League Coach of the Year.

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          Ute Fan

          I was originally hoping Harlan would pull his “outside sources” to find someone, but you make a very valid point, and you’ve changed my mind.

          We need a Utah coach. Someone who understands what Utah basketball once was, loves the team, and wants to bring them back.

          What’s Van Horn or Andre Miller up to these days??

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          I don’t care if the new coach has Utah ties. I care if the new coach is GOOD. If he happens to have Utah ties, great. 

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          Ute Fan

          Just want to point out that Miichigan basketball is/was already at a point of national prominence.  Howard just continued what John Beilein did there for 12 years prior and took them to 2 Final Fours.  Beilein left Michigan for the NBA.  Howard probably had the easiest transitition into big time college coaching of anyone I can remember.  I do think Alex would be a great option but he is on many short lists for NBA head jobs which is more money and no recruiting.  

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