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The kicking game

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      Ghost of the HEB

      This is the first time I can remember feeling terrified of having to rely on our FG kickers to help win a game, like Oregon did vs Wazzu. That FG attempt by Redding vs Cal wasn’t even close. After the kick, the cameras showed a bit of Whitt’s interaction with him, and it’s safe to say Whitt was not extending warm wishes. I’m surprised nobody asked Whitt in the presser what the plan is going forward with 4th downs in FG range. My guess is we’ll only see FG’s if we’re in the RZ with the down and distance longer than 8-10, or if we have a bit of a lead and more points aren’t absolutely necessary.

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      Whitt said it was his fault for the miss. He yelled at Redding which made him pull it. Leave kickers alone until you have to cut them is my opinion. 

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        I predicted at beginning of season we lose at least one game we usually win because of our kickers. That being said, Redding has been good this year. Was it ASU he was money??

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          No Redding has been average to say the least. I prefer Riverboat Kyle going for it on fourth and 9 against ASU. When you have the defense Utah has it is fine. 

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