• I found being active in the faith and attending the U pretty normal. There are a few professors (social sciences mainly) that will disagree with church teachings or policies and may comment about it. I also found a grad student in the English department who was very anti/biased, but overall, there’s no widespread agenda to try and do anything…[Read more]

  • Ooohh! That’s potentially exciting for us! I hear our coaches love QB competitions w/ experienced P5 starters..

    OK OK.. I’ll see myself out..

  • Great post! Yesterday was a tremendous accomplishment for the program. It’s good to recognize the large number that were involved to get us to this point. We’re very fortunate to have many quality coaches, players, and assistants over the years. Happy early birthday!

  • I think we’re very fortunate to have had Whittingham as long as we’ve had. Look at blue chip programs (Michigan, USC, Georgia) that have all the makings for a national championship program and still can’t reach their goal. Whittingham gives us a very high floor that most programs are envious of. Additionally, over his tenure, Whittingham has…[Read more]

  • He’s going to make a GREAT corner.

    OK, I’m kind of kidding. I am hoping we keep more of our weapons on offense. Looks like a super great pickup!

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    We need t-shirts of this. 😀

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    Yup. I became very jaded after the Deron/Boozer/AK47 Jazz were bounced out. I remember one of the announcers let slip that there was a $100M+ advertising deal riding on the long-awaited Lakers-Celtics finals. No wonder during the Lakers/Jazz series that Boozer could get mauled beneath the rim (couldn’t even lift his arms) and the refs just…[Read more]

  • I’d say at the Jazz’s peak, they can hang with the Lakers. I’m not sure that’s enough to overcome the NBA’s ‘star power’ factor… but that’s another topic.

    None of these analysts on TNT actually watch the Jazz, maybe some highlights and then look at the stat sheet. I’m no x’s & o’s expert, but I’ve heard Snyder has one of the more complex…[Read more]

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    Have to remember this is a hard year to transfer into a new program, o-coordinator, and style of offense. Lack of reps, typical training camp, and being relegated to the backup before the season started create additional obstacles.

    Timing seemed to be an issue and with balls being frequently thrown behind, it makes me wonder if a lot of our…[Read more]

  • This team has a lot to love! Sometimes I think we fans get too caught up in the things holding us back from being elite. The team isn’t perfect, but we just put up 38 on an undefeated, top-25 team*!

    (*Because yeah, this year is weird.)

    Also, can we start using Jordan like Florida used Percy Harvin? Please and thank you. GO UTES!!

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    Like everyone, I was disappointed by the 2nd half.  The turnovers were brutal.  Some of the positions are clearly below the rest of the team.  I get the frustration a lot of you are feeling and I am and have been right there with you (I swore after traveling to the Notre Dame game I would never watch the Utes again lol). 
    I’m not sure any of us…[Read more]

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    Ha, *starting. Silly autocorrect.

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    That’s a fair point. Hopefully our trajectory continues and we make the playoffs.

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    I like your thoughts and agree with almost everything you said. However, I think if any fan base should be sympathetic to an excelling G5 program, it would be Utah. You can look back on Utah’s undefeated seasons and find plenty of reasons they shouldn’t have been included in the BCS, among them an overall weak schedule.

    I’m not saying G5 should…[Read more]

  • It’s possible someone might sit, especially if they are a little banged up and want to rest before all the NFL draft precursors start happening.

    That said, this is a group led by standouts that chose to come back for their senior seasons. They’re going to be fired up to put on that uniform one last time.

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    If Utah and USC win out, Utah would find themselves in a common scenario. There have been many SEC teams who didn’t appear in their conference championship who then went into a playoff or NCG. Although, unfortunately I don’t think the Utes will get the same favoritism shown the SEC.

    Without winning the pac-12, our only hope would likely be edg…[Read more]