The more I think about having Ludwig as OC, the more excited I get

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    He wasn’t great his first time on the Hill, but he was good, certainly better than anything we’ve had since he left. 

    I think we will be able to count on having at least a competent offense while he is here. I just hope he can get things rolling right out of the gate.

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    Probably wont right out of the gate. A new offense always takes some time. Around game 4 we’ll hit our stride. Hopefully the defense can carry us til then.

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      ^ This

      I’ve seen enough of kwhitt teams to know the first couple of games will be an offensive frustration.

      Anything over 17 offensive points against the zoobs will be a good sign for the future. 

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    Bill Riley had Britain Covey on his show a few weeks ago.  I think there’s no denying that both Britain and Zack Moss (arguably our two best play-makers) were pretty frustrated with Troy Taylor last year.  It seems like it took Troy a few weeks to figure out that he wasn’t using his main weapons the way he should have been.  When Bill asked Britain what he thought of Ludwig, he was very upbeat about it.  He mentioned that his offensive schemes make a lot more sense.  Sometimes I think we tried to be a little too “cute” in our play calling under Taylor when all we needed to do was impose our will on some of our lesser opponents.  I’m optimistic about having Ludwig back for a couple of reasons:

    1) Ludwig held his own at Vandy against a bunch of SEC defenses.  That’s no joke.  I don’t think there’s anything Ludwig hasn’t seen defensively now.  I wouldn’t have said that when he was still a MWC coach.

    2) Call it a conspiracy theory, but I’m not convinced Whit ever truly handed over the reins of the offense to any of his O-coordinators (maybe Norm Chow).  If, and that’s a big “IF”, Whit were to ever trust anyone to truly call the shots it would be Ludwig in my opinion.

    Anyway, we’re going to find out what Ludwig has learned out there since he left in just a few weeks.  I know a lot of Ute fans think we’re going to lay the wood to our first opponent but it will probably be closer than we’d like (as usual).  The stars are aligned for us to have a special season and I think we have the players AND the coaches to make that happen.

    Go Utes!



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      I like the “imposing our will” thing. Let’s do that.

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    Kool aid always taste good in July. 


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