The November Slump

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    Ute Fan

    This week we have seen first hand why we go into a slump every year….. injuries.  Say what you will, but we still don’t have the depth we need to play in the PAC week in and week out.  Every class we get better, but we’re not there yet.  

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    QB and receivers.

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    Ute Fan

    90% of college team have a difficult time surviving the loss of a QB or other major contributer.

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      Ute Fan

      I agree.  More to the point is that we often lose the non-star guys that do a lot of little things.  so the casual fan man not notice.  Combine that with the Stigma this state has the the difficultly that every team in the state faces in trying to lure athletes here, and you get a slow build up of talent.  I think Whit, Scalley, et al have done a good job despite what the critics will say.  

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        Ute Bc
        Ute Fan

        I’m starting to think we should schedule two games a week in October

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    Ute Fan

    Nov last year we did not have a losing record so maybe we are improving.

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    Ute Fan

    I don’t think depth is the reason for our losses this year. Pretty sure (~80% confident) we were losing the AZ State game regardless of what happened to Huntley. We lost the battle in the trenches plain and simple and our starting Cornerbacks got torched all day long. 

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      Pace Manyung
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      ^ This

      Kwhitt did have his team ready to play


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