The three games this season that grind my gears the most

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      First came the Oregon Auburn game. So much was made about the Pac-12 needing Oregon to win that game for conference perception. Oregon looked like the better team, then choked it away at the end. That game alone still has Auburn ranked above Utah and Oregon.
      Second: Utah USC game. No explanation needed.
      Third: That Colorado choke job we witnessed last night If SC is gonna lose two more, I think one is gonna have to come from an unexpected game. I don’t see them losing back to back to Oregon and ASU.

      Oh well. GAMEDAY!! Let’s GO!

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      They are a bad road team. I expect them to very much lose at ASU. Oregon will win easily. 

      Utah’s got this guys. 

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        Both road games, but…

        ASU (as much as I can’t stand them ) does force turnovers well. CU couldn’t get the TO when it hit them in the face. Literally.

        ASU pass rush > CU pass rush

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          Oregon is at USC

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