Things a conference commissioner doesn’t do

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      Ute Fan

      – actually play in a football game

      – coach in a football game

      – recruit football players

      – assist in the mentoring of coaches

      Who gives a rats behind if the new guy doesn’t know anything about football. We need eyeballs on our games. We need to be ready to capitalize on NIL when that happens. We need someone who brings in more money than they are paid. These things will put coaches and players in a position where they can succeed. 

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      Central Coast Ute
      Ute Fan

      Exactly. As long as he prioritizes football and men’s basketball, we’re good if he does other things well. Based on the news conference, he seems to understand that better than Larry Scott.

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      Ute Fan

      Here’s what he needs to do to be successful. 

      1) get money;

      2) work with the ADs to get a bette product so that they can get money;

      3) stop bleeding money on stupid s**t; 

      4) fix the reffing so that we have a better product so we can get money; 

      5) get. Money. 

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        Ute Fan


        – Fight to make a 9 game conference schedule amongst the P5’s mandatory OR drop us to an 8 game schedule.  There’s too much parity in our conference for us to be able to absorb those extra 6 losses without it hurting.

        – He can oversee a football schedule that doesn’t give an unfair advantage to one team in a pivotal game (one team gets a bye week before the game, etc).

        –  Stop scheduling 8:00 pm games in November in Utah and Colorado (in other words- actually give a *** about the fans)

        – Either take the Pac12 network worldwide or get rid of it all together (let a cable channel or network take on that headache)

        – For the love of God, please do something about the refereeing structure.  I don’t mind a bad call now and then, but there’s no accountability and they seem to continue to make the same mistakes.  A couple of years back, USC lost a 5-start DB and when that kid was asked why he chose Florida, he said it was because of the suspect refereeing in the Pac12.  Ouch.

        – Get conference HQ out of San Francisco and into a vacant warehouse behind a strip club in Vegas.  Take those millions we save and give it back to the athletic departments so we can keep up the facility arms race.

        – Show up to the big conference games and actually promote our conference (I honestly believe the playoff selection committee finds it easy to leave us out because they know they’re not going to get any kickback from our leadership).


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          Central Coast Ute
          Ute Fan

          Honestly, I can’t think of a time when the PAC 12 was left out of the playoff that shouldn’t have been.

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            Ute Fan

            Me either… but I don’t think the committee is afraid of getting any backlash for leaving us out either.

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              Central Coast Ute
              Ute Fan

              You’re right. The PAC 12 would be the easiest snub if there was going to be one

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      You forgot “negotiate seafood sponsor.”  Oh crap. Nevermind. 

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        Ute Fan

        GK’s legacy will depend on his ability to successfully maintain the Pacific Seafood sponsorship.

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      Ute Fan

      One thing really – FOOTBALL!!!  Everything else is just noise.  It is hard for me say that because I love college basketball but it is way down the list.

      CHART: How Much Money the Average College Sports Teams Make



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        Ute Dub
        Ute Fan

        Wait, does Football bring in more than all the others combined?

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