this defense has another level to hit

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    Scalley has asked a lot of these corners and I dont think either would tell you they’ve played up to their expectations. I really think both have another gear they havent hit yet. If they do…we could be adding a top 10 pass defense to our already top 5 run defense

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    We are 17th in the country in pass efficiency defense and 1 in the PAC-12. 

    If we can get better…wowza. 

    We are #1 in the country in stopping the run. Teams will naturally pass more. More attempts = more yards. Passing yards in football is the dumbest stat out there. It has little to no correlation with winning. 

    Even so, with our defense stopping the run so well, we are third in the PAC-12 in passing yards allowed. 

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    Our corners are on an island and get in trouble here and there. It happens. 

    Where we need to make more plays is with our safeties. Blair and Ballard both got beat for Tds on plays they shouldn’t of let happen. 

    Blair has been quiet since his return. Maybe it’s careful tackling or something else but I can’t recall him on many plays in last games. Am I wrong here?

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      Are you watching the same game I am? Blair is killing it out there.

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        Just rewatched the game. He cost us two tds. One on the Hail Mary and the other on the last TD where he cameon and whiffed on a tackle.(As did Guidry)

        Hard hitting is one thing but containment is another. Blair is a beast but since his suspension he seems a little off IMO. Agree to disagree. 

        Watch him ball out Friday

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      Yes. you’re wrong. Blaire is everywhere.  I nearly killed 2 dudes in the last game. 

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    The thing about this that is interest, one thing anyway, is that the Utes are achieving this against PAC12 offenses. BigXII has the offenses but no defense. 


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