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      First, it isn’t as simple as you a lot of people are saying. San Diego did not pressure Cam like they did Brewer.  They basically backed off and dared us to beat them.  2nd, Our O-line really hasn’t been as bad as everyone has made them out to be, until tonight.  3rd, Our DL plays very uninspired STILL.   They picked it up in the 2nd half, but where this is a very poor SDSU offense and we gave up several good drives.  That would have never happened 2 years ago.  4th, why in the hell can we not kick it out of the endzone like every D1 school does?  I’ve heard rumor that is a Whit thing, does anyone know if that’s true?  Absolutely mindless to give the other team a chance to run one back when you can guarantee them a starting spot on the 25.  

      Finally, I posted on here when Ludwig came back that I wasn’t very excited.  We won in 08 because of Brian Johnson.  Most that year our O struggled and BJ somehow came through when we needed him do.  Tonight, just like last week, Lud had NO answer for the 3 3 5 defense, at least in the first half.  The 2nd half he was stretching the D laterally a bit and it opened up the middle.  How the hell did it take him 6 quarters to figure that out?  A Pop Warner coach would have made that adjustment a week ago.  Also, why did it take 2.5 games for us to open the play book a bit?  Cam’s getting all the credit (he certainly deserves some), but we were also running plays we haven’t run yet this year.  Did Whit and Co just figure we were going to walk into provo and SD and win?  

      I wasn’t mad last week.  This week p**sed me off.  Inexcusable to come out flat with marginal effort and lacking prepardness two weeks in a row.  

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      San Diego State. We did not get outplayed by a PFL team. 😉

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