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        Ute Fan

        Coaching: Can’t complain about anything here, though I have to wonder when Ludwig is going to figure out exactly what makes this team tick offensively. It’s a bit different for every group, and Kuithe being gone certainly changes things.

        Rising: He was pretty good. Not his best, not his worst… closer to his worst than his best maybe? Not sure. Either way, played pretty well.

        RB: the 3 running back thing needs to stop. I understand why it’s happening. Seems to me that it’s beause TT is too out of shape to be the bell cow, but he’s the only one talented enough to be the bell cow right now… so we use 3-4 running backs to get the job done, and nobody gets into a rhythm. It’s not entirely their fault though.

        WR: Vele had a solid game, Dixon had another solid run, we need to get him involved more than once a game. Not sure why we don’t utilize him more with screens and such (which we hardly ever do now for some reason). We found out why Enis is primarily used as a blocker, and often ignored by Rising… because he sucks at catching. I will admit that he may have been better at that by now if he got the ball more consistently.

        TE: Kuithe… gotta feel bad for the guy, but I think he’s shown enough that he’ll still get a good shot at the NFL. This will hurt his draft stock, but he’ll have his day in the sun for sure. Nice to see Yassmin get a nice play in. Probably the last guy on the Ute team I’d want to tackle. Oddly enough, I think Kuithe being out might benefit the offense in some ways. It will give more players an opportunity to shine. Instead of one guy that can do everything, the defense will have to account for several guys that can each do something different…?

        OL: Great pass blocking, bad run blocking. When our RBs get a nice hole to run through, they do a good job. When they get hit behind the line, before they have a chance to accelerate, they suck.

        DL: Their best game of the year by far. Excellent play all around there

        LB: Same as the DL, great day for the LBs

        DB: Got beat a few times deep. Bishop is EXACTLY the kind of safety that Scalley loves. Dude is an awesome football player. Phillips’s pick was also very nice. You can tell he did his homework for that game.

        ST: Just wish we could find someone to kick the ball 70-80 yards every kickoff. Just find someone that can kick a football long and straight. Shouldn’t be that hard.

        Overall I thought it was a strange game. ASU still has some great athletes, but their team just sucks so bad, and I love it. The classic ASU moment was their Punt returner getting injured by his own teammate. His teammate gets up, sees that the returner is in a ton of pain, and just walks away like he couldn’t possibly care any less… Then that returner is back in the game 2 seconds later like nothing happened. Also, the Pac12 commercial with the ASU player talking about not doing things in private that you wouldn’t do in front of other people has to be one of the most unintentionally ironic things ever said on TV.

        This team is good. If we could find an offensive identity we would be great.


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        Tony (admin)

        ASU players have done the “writhing on the ground injured, then back in the next play like nothing happened” thing for many years. 

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        Ute Fan

        We are missing Bam on critical running downs.

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