Thoughts on Ludwig Hiring

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      After having a little more time to digest the news of Ludwig being hired, here’s how I see it.

      It’s not the most exciting hire, but I’m glad we didn’t go with Harding or some unproven/inexperienced guy.  We were hoping for a homerun big name hire. Ludwig feels like a single stretched into a double off of a fielder error or maybe a ground-rule double.

      Quite possibly the best part of hiring Ludwig is this: WR drops might go down significantly. It seems our WRs could actually catch the ball back when he was here the first time. Hopefully this lost art form returns with Ludwig.

      Overall, I expect Ludwig to be at least a little better than Taylor and the rest of our carousel OCs.

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      Ute Fan

      For anyone interested, Bill Riley took a pretty deep dive on the hiring of Ludwig on his show yesterday.  I know, I know, Riley is the consummate Ute-homer, but he made some very valid points that actually swayed my opinion on the hire from slightly indifferent to pretty optimistic.  Anyway, check out the podcast of yesterday’s show if you want to feel good about the hire.

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      Ute Fan

      I’ve had the same thoughts and hope for our receivers.

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      Who is to blame for the drops?  They started out with a ton and ended the season with more. You would think you would see improvement overall. Many of the passes were right on that hands as well. Really frustrating to see the WR become the weakest group again. 


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