To the “transfers happen everywhere” crowd . . .

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      Yes, transfers are more common these days but not at the rate that they have been happening at Utah the last several years. The national average is 14% when looking at transfers from one 4 year university to another 4 year university, while Utah’s is around 25%.

      Why are so many more players transferring out of Utah than at other schools? 

      If the answer is anything along the lines of “those players weren’t a good fit” or “they had problems” or “they weren’t very good anyway” then it is still a coaching fail for not properly vetting the players they are recruiting.

      Bottom line: LarryK either has a player retention problem or he has a recruiting problem or he has both. 

      I’m fine giving him another year, especially with the size of his buyout, but if we have a mass exodus this offseason or next, Harlan would be have to be crazy not to look for a new coach. 

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      Should we require that everyone who says “give coach K one more year” reassess after the next year and call for his firing if we don’t make the NCAA Tournament?  What would constitute an “acceptable” year next year?

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        Ute Fan

        For me, I just need to see improvement in player retention. If the trend continues this off-season, then why in the world should we keep him? But, if he can keep this group of players together and have a better season next year, of course you keep him . . . that is, unless . . . he has another mass exodus after next year.

        LarryK needs to restore some consistency to this program.

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      Ute Fan

      Whatever he had is gone. Players just don’t like the dude it’s ready to see why. His personality runs alot off people the wrong easy. For 18 yo kids, that can be enough.

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