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To the “We haven’t shown our offense yet.” crowd . . .

Welcome Big12 Fans and Foes Forums Utah Utes Sports Football To the “We haven’t shown our offense yet.” crowd . . .

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      If we look largely the same offensively and lose to USC, what will your reaction be?


      I only ask because so many seem so adamant that we have intentionally kept our offense very basic these first 3 games and will now unleash our full potential on USC and the rest of the Pac-12. This sounds great and very well might be the case, but we heard the same things with Taylor’s offense the last two years and it never really seemed to get better other than a 3 game stretch in which the offense scored 40+ ppg last year.

      I can buy that we’re holding a lot back but I’m also skeptical that we are going to see a dynamic or creative offense unleashed in the weeks to come.

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      You think Moss will get 10 carries a game? Or you think he will get 19. TDS game he did get more but that is an outlier. It is basic bro just like this comment.

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        I’m not making a comparison to Taylor’s offensive philosophy and underutilization of Moss. I’m pointing out that we’ve heard this same type of thing before and it didn’t really turn out to be true. We had the same offense at the end of Taylor’s tenure that we did at the beginning of his tenure. In other words, we weren’t holding anything back.

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          I am saying it is fairly obvious that Ludwig is holding back finds a wrinkle and chokes out the other team. I think TDS game is the closest we will get to what Utah wants to be. But I think the play action will be more prominent and Moss will be used more in the running plays. Utah is a run first team with a highlight back. It is obvious what they should be offensively.

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            So you’re NOT in the “we’re holding things back” camp?

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            Red Dawn

            Well said

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      I think UteThunder brings up some valid points.  Who knows for sure what Ludwing and Whitt are thinking and doing.  Have we stayed vanilla on purpose?  Are we not showing our whole offense?  Will we open things up next week against USC?  I certainly do not know and I doubt anyone on this board really knows.  There is a lot of speculation. 

      What I think:

      – First, I hope we are healthier next Friday than any game this year.  This will change the dynamics of our gameplan.

      – What we have not seen this season is any screen passes to Moss.  I suspect we will see some next week.  

      – Covey and Nacua have been underutilized so far this season, likely because neither has been 100%.  I suspect that these two will play more prominent roles next week.  These were Huntley’s go-to guys last season.

      – We have some speedy wide receivers.  I suspect we will see more laser screens to the outside.

      – I think we may see some more two-back sets like we saw against NIU.

      So, I suspect we will see some different things on offense.  Obviously, we will try to dominate the game with our running game.  But, we need to help Moss by using some of our other weapons.

      A few things I would like to see:

      Moss in the wildcat formation.  This gives him an extra blocker. (Ludwig used the wildcat when he was here before, I don’t know if he has it in his playbook now.)

      More deep passes to Enis, Thompson, Dixon, et al.

      Wheel routes

      Get Vickers outside in open space.

      BYU’s defense was better coached than USC’s offense IMO.  USC has more talent and had mismatch advantages.  However, they threw some wrinkles at USC that they never totally adapted to.  I hope we do the same.


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        Moss in the wildcat may solve a lot of the short yardage situation problems. It has mostly been Oline block blowing assignments imo.

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      It was 4 games:

      Stanford (40-21)
      Arizona (42-10)
      USC (41-28)
      UCLA (41-10)


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        The offense only scored 33 against Stanford. JJ had a 100 yard INT returned for a TD.

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      Moss literally said that we have won three games using our basic plays… the plays installed in the first two days of practice. There is no speculation about it, the playbook has hardly been cracked open.

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