Tough Loss, but

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        Ute Fan

        …that was the hardest part of the season.
        Improvement needed in several areas. But fixable.
        Florida was better than expected, especially on defense, and their QB is very good.
        We missed on a couple of possible TD’s.
        The team played hard, I like that.

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        Ute Fan

        I agree that it could’ve been much worse but there’s not much to like here. We laid on egg with every eye in the nation on us. We played infinitely better than we did last year at this time but what I don’t like is that our Lynchpin QB choked the game away. That’s really concerning. And the Utah defense is still not a proper Utah defense by a country mile. Got a good pic from the 4th quarter though


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        Ute Fan

        Yes this is a tough loss. I want to throw things right now. LOL. I sometimes think I am too emotionally invested. LOL.

        Anyway. Utah looks MUCH better than they did at the start of last season. Barring serious injuries this team should be top contender for the conference championship and the Rose Bowl. I’m not going to even think about the CFP. We don’t have the dominant lines to do the CFP.

        The defense needs improvement and is disappointing in that it looks like they lack some of that fierce toughness that past teams have had. I wonder if that third scrimmage would have been the difference. But we’d be hating it if there were a serious injury in the third scrimmage.

        I think some of the problems on defense were due to youth with the LBs. I think Reid was playing man instead of zone on that long Richardson run, and Richardson was home free because of it. The staff on Utah’s bench were acting like a player was in a bad position.

        Bounce back and get better. I think they will.

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          Ute Fan

          I’m with you on the invested part. F**king hurts!

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