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      From ESPN

      7. Utah: Leadership void

      For the Utes, the next possible step is the toughest one. They came within a few plays of winning the Rose Bowl, which means the margins for a more successful season are slim. The obvious shortcoming in Pasadena was in the secondary, where a lack of depth meant injury issues were especially problematic. So it makes sense to prioritize that in the spring. There are some key departures the Utes will have to account for, but as important as Devin Lloyd and Britain Covey were on the field, it’s their leadership void that will be missed most in the spring. — Kyle Bonagura

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      I agree with this statement.  However, I understand that Rising is also a great leader.  Others will need to step up.  One that comes to mind is Bishop and another is Phillips.

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      Realize that the next up leadership group has many of the same players and most of next year’s team has been watching Lloyd and Covey. Lloyd credits the LBs before him for giving him the example, particularly the film study, that he repeated. I don’t expect that the leadership that has been developing for years will disappear.

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      It’s a Bongwater blurb.  How that bodaggot survived the ESPN purge is beyond me.  He has no sources and just throws stuff out there.

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