USC to Rose, Utah to Alamo Bowl?

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      Ute Fan

      That’s one man’s projection for the 2022-23 bowl season…
      24/7’s 2022-23 Bowl Season projection, spring edition

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      Larry B
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      I’m so sick of the hype USC gets just because of their name. It seems like they are always the favorite to win the Pac12 and then they never live up to the hype. If Utah isn’t the majority favorite this year, it just shows the bias is real.

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        Ute Fan

        More hype for USC and Lincoln Riley the better. The P12 media and Commish will be pushing hard for USC to be out in front of the conference for no other reason than media MONEY. Commish K is all set to ride the USC-Lincoln Riley gravy train. Let him and all the P12 media glamour boys eat up the SoCal shine and hype up USC right into RES. Utes need to do what they do and play like champions every game. This is truly a huge turning point opportunity season for Utah football to prove they are an established top level program coming off the last few seasons. Sept can’t get her soon enough. Go Utes!

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          Central Coast Ute
          Ute Fan

          Agreed. Whitt loves to play as the under dog. All this will do is serve as bulletin board material for the Utes. Even if this is the only guy to pick SC, you can bet Whitt will tell the team they’re being disrespectful.

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        Ute Fan

        Meh… If we crush them when they are being hyped by some, and we are being hyped by some, we will then be hyped by all outlets. Not worried.

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          Ute Fan

          More than any other PAC12 team, USC continually fails to meet expectations.  So many 4-5 star recruits and they seldom bring them together to get results on the field.  

          Maybe this new coach can finally get the results one would expect.



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