Utah Season Openers vs FBS Teams 2008-2018

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      Ute Fan

      2008: @ Michigan(3-9) – Won 25-23

      2009: vs Utah State(4-8) – Won 35-17

      2010: vs Pitt(8-5) – Won 27-24

      2013: vs Utah State(9-5) – Won 30-26

      2015: vs Michigan(10-3) – Won 24-17


      This idea that Utah starts slow is a bit of a myth in my opinion. Utah starts slow against the FCS opponents and it’s probably due to a lack of interest and game planning. The coaches and players will say all of the right things about preparing for FCS opponents, but we all know it is nothing more than a glorified scrimmage. We probably prepare more for the Red/White game than we do for FCS opponents, hence the sluggish performances in those openers. 

      Utah hasn’t set the world on fire in the openers vs FBS opponents but we’ve beaten some good/great teams and, with the lone exception of Michigan in 2008, I would say those scores seem pretty representative of what Utah was as a team in each of those seasons.

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      Thanks for posting this.

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      Ute Fan

      The current team Utah has this year reminds me of 2008 a lot. 

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        Ute Fan

        I could not agree more!!!!   The build up to this season, the media hype, the player personel, the coaching, ALL remind me of 2008.  

        And I remember then, being just as sceptical of the pre-season high praise as I am now.

        I’ll preface all of my coming remarks by saying that I am a Ute (football) Fan, since 1968 (I was a Ute Basekball fan starting in 1964 – at the age of 8).  Anyone who has that long a tenure in this group will understand the scepticism that comes with media predictions of Utah football greatness.

        In 2008, I enjoyed the easy wins, suffered through the (WAY_TO_CLOSE) wins that often felt more like loses, and then made the biggest mistake of my UteFan life;  I chose NOT to go to the Sugar Bowl.  I did so, partially, because I, like most of America, believed that Utah would lose, and partially because I was operating a start up business that needed the operating cash more than my family needed travel cash for a new years bowl.  It was our families first holiday season without a bowl game since 2002.

        I’m going into this season, remembering that 2008 season.  Who knew (or even reasonably believed) even with all the media buildup, that we would end that season ranked number 2 in the nation.

        All those years in the 60’s through early 90’s make it hard for me to beleive that we will end up ranked that high this year.  But I keep trying to rememer that 2008, is a good reason to perhaps, as they say in the theatre profession,  “suspend disbelief”.

        Perhaps that old fool Corso, was not just spouting hyperbole, and actually knows of what he speaks!  Perhaps Utah, will do this season, what no one really expected in that 2008 season, and very few “long time” utefans expect this year, and end up in the AP final top 4!

        I’ll go into this season hoping/dreaming that this scenario will be the season end.  But the historical Ute Football Fan in me will also go into this year fearing that the whole thing will fall apart in week one with a completely inexplicable, catestrophic, unacceptable, and unrecoverable lose to YOU-KNOW-WHO.

        If that does not happen, THANK GOD FOR KYLE WHITTINGHAM, and perhaps I will be FINALLY over the torment of all those LaVell Edwards years.

        GO UTES!   We’re in the PAC 12 now. 

        Put the WAC/MWC/BYU past behind us ALL!  Once and for all.






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      The Holy Cougar
      Ute Fan

      This proves. Utah does start slowish, no doubt. All very close games. Some against very average competition. Zero blow outa. Thank you.

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