Utah vs BYU 1995

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      Ute Fan

      Special thanks to JAzzyUTe.

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      Ute Fan

      That game was real beat down. 34-17 final but it was 27-3 after 3 quarters.



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      Stay Classy Cougs 1:37:00 after the touchdown pass.  – 

      This game was total domination.  Loved it.

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        What’s the deal with zoobs always throwing trash onto the field?

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        Ute Fan

        Ah yes, I remember this game – well, most of it.

        This was my first rivalry game (I was a freshman at the U). My then-GF was a freshman at BYU-P and she got us tickets in the student section. I wore my red, she wore blue…we were the perfect odd couple.

        When the garbage parade began after the 1:37:00 TD (you only saw a small part of it on the TV), I got hit in the head by a glass Snapple bottle somebody threw. I had to leave the game and get stitches.

        25 years later I can still see the scar when I part my hair a certain way. It’s a great reminder that they’ve got some absolute pricks down at BYU-P.

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          Ute Fan

          Sorry that happened to you, but it is an amazing battle story.  Have you been back any games @ BYU Provo?

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            Ute Fan

            Nope. No desire to ever set foot in there again.

            Aftermath of that story: GF was appalled – she took me to the clinic to get my stitches, crying the whole way. We broke up about six months later. She left BYU-P after her sophomore year and finished up her degree at ASU, got married, had a few kids, and became a teacher. She always maintained that going to BYU-P was a horrible decision, even for an LDS kid from out of state.

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          Damn. That’s really terrible.


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          Ute Fan

          We must be the same age. This was my first game too as a freshman in the Ute Marching Band. For some reason they say Coug fans behind us who were not happy that we stood the whole game. I was in the back row and our director had us put our rain coats on because people were chucking garbage at us. Ron McBride conducting Utah Man at the end of that beat down was awesome

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          At least they didn’t pour beer on you. Throwing a glass bottle is way better than getting wet from a liquid of the devil!

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        Cougar fans simply defending themselves from the taunting effect of a flag.

        It wouldn’t be the last time…

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      Thanks for sharing.  Great game.  The tide was turning.  Utah really looked like they were the more athletic team in that game.

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      Ute Fan

      Can you believe we actually had a 274-lbs RB?  It’s hard enough NOW to fathom the fact that 274-lbs RB even exists, much less one existing, and he wound up in WAC Utah!  He was there my first year at the U, and if I recall correctly, he ran a 4.5 forty too.

      What a gift we had in Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala! 


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