Ute Nation lost a member of It’s ranks today…

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      Nearly 30 years ago, my step father took me to my first Utah football game.

      It was an experience I remember fondly because it was the day when a special bond was created between him and me. He introduced me to something that had great meaning to him and it made me feel very special that he wanted to share that with me.

      Sadly, a long battle with poor health finally took it’s final toll on him today and he passed away.

      While it’s not an easy thing to handle currently, I am taking comfort in the fact that he had so many years that he could cheer on his alma mater and that I got to be part of something he loved and that I grew to love it as well.

      I get the privilege of being back in Rice-Eccles Stadium tomorrow night to see our Utes play. Regardless of the outcome, I am planning on cheering my heart out for our Utes, wearing some of his cherished Ute gear so he can be there with all of us in spirit.

      Cheer loud and proud every moment you get to enjoy being a fan of this great school, and share your enjoyment with someone you care about. Someday, it may mean the world to them that you did.

      GO UTES!!! 

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      Hats off to you and your stepfather. I raise a toast to you. You have my condolences. PLEASE, I beg you to come by my tailgate so I can shake your hand and treat you to a cold one (or warm. whatever pleasure is).

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      Sorry to hear that he passed but it is nice to hear that you had a solid relationship with him. Hope your family is doing well during this.

      Go Utes!
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      We may not live forever on this jolly good old sphere,
      But while we do we’ll live a life of merriment and cheer. 
      And when our college days are o’er and night is drawing nigh,
      With parting breath we’ll sing that song: A Utah Man am I!

      – “Utah Man”, verse 3

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      Sorry for your loss, tough to lose a parent.  Glad that Ute sports could be a good touch point for your memories with him.

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      Sorry for the loss… Beer on me if you are at fUsky game.

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      Sorry for your loss, but you have wonderful memories to rely on. I remember when I first got back to the state and had season tickets a young man (probably about my age back then) Used to show up every game with his father. The old guy could hardly see and the son had to help him get to his seat and back out again, but no matter how bad the game was, because we were truly a horrible football team back then, they both enjoyed it because they were there together. After a couple of years we didn’t see them again, so I assumed the older gentleman had died or become unable to come out to the games and the son decided they just weren’t the same without is father. Or maybe he just moved somewhere else, but I remember always feeling good just to watch them when they were there.

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      It’s disheartening to lose a proud member of the Ute family. Sorry for your loss. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

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