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      So, as much as I love the fact that Covey is making a “big splash” on the scene and actually contributing this year, I am a little concerned that NOBODY has done much else to bring our passing attack back to life. This probably is more on TW than anyone else. I hope we see an outpouring of pass offense this Saturday.

      Btw, I have to laugh every time they announcers mention “Covey from Provo, Utah”…..probably really gets under tds skin…ha!

      Go Utes!

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      the tight ends have shown some promise. need to see some more from the wideouts. i question their ability to get separation. we seem to be a tad slow and if you don’t run a perfect route…. bad things happen

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      You can’t put a stat on one of our biggest offensive plays this year. PI’s on Scotty, 15 yards and a 1st down. We are who we are and it’s working so far. Don’t forget about our TEs, they’ve picked up a couple of nice little chunks for us.

      It ain’t pretty, it aint flashy but I think it will continue to work. We have the best 3rd down conversion rate in the conference at 47.8%. By the way, Oregon is 8th at 36.8.

      Everybody loves the long ball, but it’s a low probabilty play. Sure, I’d love to see a bomb completed to someone but it may turn out that it’s just not going to happen. I think it was 2013 where we lead the nation in +50 yard plays, that year didn’t work out so well.

      We’ve got the tools to win, the long ball just isn’t one of them.

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      Hopefully with Butler-Byrd getting some reps at WR we will have a guy that can stretch the defense. I think Utah is really missing Tim Patrick. I thought he was going to have himself a pretty decent year, but I don’t know if were gonna se him this year.

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      I feel like the receivers have more receptions through the first three since 2008. I don’t care to look but WRs are catching the damn ball.

      How is it on Wilson he has played one full game this season?

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      You laugh, but I just hope we can hang on to him after his mission recruitment phase.

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