Utes move up to #12 in Coaches Poll

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      I think we could compete well with the following teams ranked above us: Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida, Georgia, Auburn, and Oregon.  The other 5 teams – not so much.

      In the end, I think we are ranked about right.  If we keep winning, we will keep moving up.

      It’s interesting that and 18 point loser to the Utes stays ranked and a 4 point loser to Oregon is out of the rankings.  I also find it interesting that USC gets NO votes.  The PAC 12 is beating up on each other.

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      I’m happy with that. I get nervous when we’re in the top 10 early. 12 seems like a nice spot given our 4 turnovers and lack of offensive production. Let’s stay there but win out and then we can get recognized if/when we beat UO in the Pac-12 championship.

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      Crazy thing is off the top of my head, Utah could reveal another glaring problem with the 4 team play-off structure. Say USC wins out, Utah goes 11-1 ranked above Oregon (OU loses to USC) and Utah ends up close to the top 6 teams, ranked above UO and USC and ends up playing in some random pretend it’s important bowl against a 3-4 loss Big10/12 team. Bowls will take loser and winner of P12 Championship over Utah. Best case scenario would be Utah making the top 6 playing, SMU, Cincy, Appla State. I’m sure, and hope, there’s some flaws in the above as I don’t know how the bowl thing works out exactly…so please edit.

      I think Utah loses to UW because of three factors, #1 Coaching, #2 Oline, #3 WRs. UW will play Utah just like ASU did with more discipline. Utah turns the ball over three times at UW they will lose by 3 TDs. Contain ZM, pressure TH, and lock down Utah’s weak WRs (Utah WRs had about 75 rec yards total + a TO last night, not including TEs). UW is a better coached team with better athletes on the Dline, QB, and DBs.

      Problem USC has so much talent they can just show up half in the game and beat up most of the P12 teams. The shed is full of 4-5 star athletes. USC needs to lose to ASU and OU for Utah to make the P12 champ game. Anything can happen in the wild-wild P12. Go Utes!

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        Except that nobody will see it as a problem because it is Utah. See WSU from 2018, but they did have 2 losses. But Florida and LSU had 3, and neither won their conference or even division. Texas had 4 freaking losses and still played in the Sugar Bowl.

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        An 11-1 Utah team would be in a NY6, not a random bowl. No chance of leaving a top 10, power 5, 11-1 team out of NY6.

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          Watch it happen. 10-2 and Vegas bowl against the zoobs. If that can happen, there’s no limit to the disrespect they can heap on us.

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        4 team playoff is a lame stopgap. We need to go to 8 (winner of 5 P5, top G-5 rank, next 2 ranked from wherever).

        But that ain’t this year and as much as I love our Utes…we aren’t a top 4 right now. I would like to focus on winning the South and then…I’ll be nervous about playing UO.

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      At the very minimum it should be a 6 team playoff with the power 5 conference champions plus one more deserving team (G5 or otherwise). Top two would have first round byes.

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