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        Ute Fan

        Some of y’all are pitiful!

        Utah moved the ball at will in the second half and some bad decisions and coaching calls cost us the game but some on here are acting as if we played like trash.


        The environment was electric and the game was as fun as any Utah game I have attended and this includes Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, P12 championship and 25 seasons of home games.

        The season is just getting started and some are acting as if it ended last night.

        The Florida fans are rough had a mix of good and bad but a lot of F you’s and such from a bunch of drunk twenty somethings.

        I hope all who attended had as much fun as I did!

        One question for those who watched it on TV, did cam get in on that third down? It certainly looked like it on the replay board, I was befuddled that this play was not reviewed and for some reason Utah hurried back to the line and ran a quick play just to get stuffed.

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        Ute Fan

        Dang man good thing we have you here for the final take, how else would we know what the proper opnion is.


        And yes it looked like he mightve gotten in tbh.

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          Ute Fan

          I certainly respect everyone’s opinion and don’t think my opinion is above others.

          I just think some on this board are not able to put a loss in perspective and jump to conclusions that this team is bad because we lost a close game against a far more talented team.

          The goals for the season have not changed and everything is still in play, not likely we run the table through the conference since it hasn’t happened in the P12 era. If we do we will make the CFP since no 1 loss P5 champion has been excluded. The conference championship and rose bowl/CFP are still available and the best we can hope for is that a very talented Utah team improves and plays up to its full potential.

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        Ute Fan

        He and Thomas looked like their bodies crossed the goal with half their bodies. Thomas reached over with ball and it popped out when he landed IMO.

        Reason for no replays is that it’s a new rule in college football that they will look upstairs and make a split second decision IF they will stop play and look at it.

        It happened in morning games and I was like huh. Felt like old days with no replay at all on questionable calls. Not sure what the exact rule is but it’s something to that degree.

        I agree with you….we moved the ball at a hostile environment in sloppy footing. Yeah WRs weren’t used much. Yeah we didn’t throw deep. Yeah we looked putrid in red zone but we battled, we had our chances and didn’t execute.

        Our D is the area we need help with. Our tackling and biting on the RPO killed us and kept drives going and our offense on sidelines.

        I feel good going forward. We are legit. We got the respect still. USC will the game to put us back on forefront.

        Enjoy the rest of weekend peeps.

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        Ute Fan

        I’m definitely pitiful. I don’t know about the rest of the forum participants.

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        St George Ute
        Ute Fan

        It honestly looked to me like Cam reached the ball over the line and scored the TD. Looked like Thomas did lose the ball before crossing tough. But yeah, I believe the Cam run was a touchdown.

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        Ute Fan

        Wouldn’t you like to win, instead of just settling for “fun?” I don’t want to say it’s Kyle’s fault, because it really wasn’t, but man, why do we always end up on the short end of the stick under the biggest spotlights? Getting old. 😕

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          Ute Fan

          Bc we aren’t good enough… 🤷🏻‍♂️
          We don’t average the recruiting classes they do.

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            Ute Fan

            In other news, the Fightin’ Blue Hens grabbed an FBS scalp yesterday.

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          Ute Fan

          I always want the team to win, but the fun is the best part of the game.

          I don’t mean to be offensive but if you are old enough you will remember the door mat that that Utah was for so many years. You should be jumping for joy with how far this program has come, doing so with lesser athletes.

          It certainly hurts every time we come up short in a big game, I personally am able to understand how much less overall talent we have and how much we overachieve on a consistent basis.

          In my life Utah has come so far and I prefer to celebrate those victories, instead of lamenting the short comings.

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          Ute Fan

          I mean, you are a fan, you can pick another team. I know that ASU, AZ, Oregon State, and so on could use some fans.

          also, you might appreciate what Utah has done more, if you go cheer on another school that can’t keep up with Utah.

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          Ute Fan

          I also like to see the Utes win. It is disappointing when they lose. However, I really try to enjoy the games for what they are; win or lose. It can be difficult. Yesterday’s game (and the Rose Bowl) is an example of a fun game that unfortunately ended in a loss. I still think the team played well.

          The reality is, Utah does not recruit to the same level as some of these teams. If I am not mistaken, Utah has never had a 5 star recruit. I don’t know the numbers, but Florida probably has multiple five stars on their current team. Same with Ohio State.

          Yet, here we are. Cheering for a team that (on paper) has no real reason to be so competitive.

          I like the team. I would like you to remain a Utah fan. However, if winning is all that is important, go be an Ohio State or Alabama fan with (almost 😉) everyone else.

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            Ute Fan

            I’ll add some support to your claim. First, there aren’t many 5* recruits – only about 30 per year. Championships are built on 4*s. Most of your recruiting class needs to be 4*s. Teams pulling in full clases of 4*s also get the 5*s. Georga, Alabama and tOSU snag practically all of the 5*s, rest 4s. Next tier like LSU, Michigan, they will get one, maybe two. (Florida has a few on their roster, they did recruit one 5* last recruiting class)

            There are approximately 380 4* recruits each year. Under socialism that would be 5-6 per team per year. (divided by 65) The teams above fill their classes with them, so you can see, they go fast.

            An easy definition of a 4* recruit is a player with a body type ready to play on day one. See Lander Barton, one of two 4*s we sighed last year. He was out there taking meaningful snaps. 3*s usually take at least a year, most often two of growth and coaching. By the time they are a junior they are very strong contributors and often lights out their senior year. (Think Cody Barton)

            Teams like ours are never going to be a top, national contending team. Honestly, we will not even be a top 10. Until a program has a roster of 4 stars, it’s never going to happen. It takes 4 to 5 years of recruiting at least 10, 4* recruits per year to build a national contender. The only team to recently do this is Clemson.

            If Whitt were 10 years younger we’d have a respectable shot – or if he coaches 10 more years which I doubt he will. In the mean time, the odds of us beating a good SEC team aka any team with a 4* roster, will always be very low.

            Enjoy the ride, we will be good this year and next. Reading the table right now looks like the BIG is going to snatch some western US playmates for SC and UCLA = Washington and Oregon are gone. I’m predicting Whitt retires when the SEC and BIG grab up the last 10ish schools and we won’t be one of them – Whitt out. Recruiting in this environment will be like it was for us 10 years ago and prior.

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        Ute Fan

        To answer your question TLS,
        I wasn’t sure if rising was in. I really thought Tavion was and I’m grumpy at the refs for not giving him the benefit of the doubt. But the replays were all a ball of bodies and didn’t show anything super definitive I.e. the ball over the goal line.

        Although on tavions third run the replay from the back showed his balk carrying elbow come down on the paint, IMHO.

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        Ute Fan

        I agree with Tls. We lost. Yes, it hurts, but life goes on. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings.  I hope we learn from our mistakes and become a better team.  

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