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      We know that Washington’s tackle is out for the season but do we know anything about the center?  Another OL guy with issues would be hard to overcome.  The QB was sporting a knee brace and at one time was limping.  I think part of their problem last week was his slowed mobility.  However, the backup QB looked very sharp.  Pressure on their QBs will be key in our defense.


      Washington looked softer than I expected defending the run last week.  Hopefully, our OL can gain confidence running at Washington and pass protecting against a DL that did not seem to pressure the QB last week.


      The first team to gain an advantage in the trenches should enjoy the upper hand in the game.




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      Trying to exit the page repeated the post?

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        I just assumed you REALLY wanted us to read your post.

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        How are you trying to exit the page?


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