Week 12 bowl projections for the Utes

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    Ute Fan

    Apparently most bowl prognosticators think Utah gets 6 wins:


    CBS West Virginia in the Texas Bowl 

    SBNation K State in the Cactus Bowl

    SI K State in the Cactus Bowl

    ESPN #1 Boston College in the Pinstripe Bowl

    ESPN #2 Texas in the Texas Bowl

    Sporting News Army in the Armed Forces Bowl

    USA Today Wyoming in the Arizona Bowl

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    Ute Fan

    Texas in the Texas Bowl…  Please beat Colorado and/or Washington!

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    I would take any of those matchups. But it would be a little disappointing to play Army or Wyoming…

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      Army is currently 8-2 and has a real chance to be 10-2.  I wouldn’t call them a powerhouse, but they are a good team that should be well respected by most every team.  They hung with Ohio State at the horse shoe for a half.  I would be happy to play them.  It would be a tough game because they do the triple option and execute it well.

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    Texas in the Texas Bowl would be my pick both from the standpoint Texas will likely be a pretty good team next year and they have some name recognition but mostly because I can attend in my own backyard and proudly wear my Ute gear.

    Here’s hoping for 6 wins.

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      I’d love to face Texas. That would be a lot of fun. 


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