Whitt at todays Press Conference

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    Charlie Foxtrot
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    Interesting press conference.  Whitt gave the defense the credit they deserved and refused to bag on the offense stating that he has confidence in the offense and the players.  I know the offense has a ton of skill players that are young and don’t have much experience, so getting too harsh this early in the season probably doesn’t do those kids any good while they are still trying to develope, however I wonder how much his (good) attitude is based on optimism from what they have seen in fall camp and practice?

    So without being a proram insider, I wonder how much of his tempered attidute and statements are based on trying not to loose the team vs real confidence that the offense can improve week to week with more experience and practice/cleaning things up?  After the last two games I am really down on the offense, the drops, miscues, false starts, and other stupid penalties look way too much like last year (and the previous several).  I would love to see the offense just be at least servicible and then grow throughout the season, but I don’t know what the reality of that is?

    I really think that the offense was caught up in their own internal/media hype bubble coming in to the season from fall camp.  Honestly from an offensive standpoint, this bye week probably comes at a great time.  I just hope they can enter the Washington State game with something that resembles a servicible offense.


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    Ute Fan

    I don’t think bagging on the offense publicly would be a good thing.  But, what he says in the locker room and practice field should be very different.  If he finds what happened on the field the last two weeks to be acceptable – he should be let go today.  There is nothing acceptable about 2 TDs in 25 possessions.  

    I suspect he will not change QBs at this point.  But, he had better change something to help Huntley be more successful.  I don’t think thowing Tuttle to the wolves would be a great idea in the long term  But, I would be looking at way to utilize Shelley’s skills – maybe a wildcat formation.  We are way too predictable and boring.  We need something new.  Bring back the Duck formation from the 80s. 🙂


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      Charlie Foxtrot
      Ute Fan

      I almost wonder if just letting Huntley loose for the first few offensive series each game would let him get his head into game space better?  Dont’ think too much, just react, get hit a few times to clear out the cobwebs, and then worry about trying to implement what ever the overall game plan is?  Huntley looks way to amped up and is probably pressing to hard to try and make something happen.

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        Ute Fan

        I agree. Roll him out of the pocket in play action and let him hit an easy come back route with the option to run. How many times did a Washington hit that easy come back route to the right side out of play action? Great confidence boost for the team.

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          Ute Fan

          We have run one speed option play all year.  Given the stature of our QBs, I’d run  RPO almost exclusively out of a speed option look.  Get the QB out of the pocket and get some separation between the QB and RB.

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    Ute Fan

    I thought Scott Mitchell’s comments were interesting vis-a-vis the BYU win. He said one reason they have shown so much improvement this year is the coaching staff has been filling them with confidence, even after the loss to Cal. He went on to say he doesn’t know if Whitt has that in his skill set, but he felt one reason the WRs have been so poor is that they are trying to not make a mistake, instead of having the mind set that they expect to make the play. I don’t know if this staff can do that, but I thought is was an interesting take.


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