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Who's Attending the Game @ USC?

Welcome Big12 Fans and Foes Forums Utah Utes Sports Football Who's Attending the Game @ USC?

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      I’ll be there. Seats on the NW 35 yard line. Alumni tailgater beforehand. Looking for a Utah victory.

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      Won’t be there. But I took some time off work to stay home and smoke some chickens. I am looking for more Utah luck/USC giving Utah the game.

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        I’ve smoked plenty of fish, but never a chicken. Got a recipe? I do a lot of rotisserie chicken.

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          It will be a whole chicken with a rub that doesn’t have a lot of sugar in it. You just have to make sure to wrap the whole chicken tight so it all cooks somewhat the same. Also I am thinking of trying stuffing a beer can up in that cavity. I just have mesquite left but it will do fine.

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      Astute Ute

      I will be, tailgating @ Alumni Event as well, maybe mingle with some trojans before hand. Leave SLC in 1.5 hours

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      section 8 row 20. (south side of stadium, 40 yard line west of midfield). we’re going with USC fans (neighbors) to tailgate and party beforehand. i have a burgundy t-shirt to slip on in case we win : ) wife is scared shi%LSS that we’re going to get beat up………. i’m more worried about cardiac arrest during the game.

      edit. didn’t realize that the field ran east / west til just now. that’s weird

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        Section 21, row 15. About the 30 or 35. Coliseum has weird sight lines. I will be wearing my Utah hat and shirt as will my brother.

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      I’ve had my tickets since May.

      Taking the wife and our small girl, what is the best way to find parking?

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      Tony (admin)

      what is the best way to find parking?

      Park in Barstow? I kid. I kid.

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