Why did Charlie Brewer transfer?

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      The coach who brought him in left after a conference title game loss and a Sugar Bowl in 2019. Sounds like the concerns about supposed concussion problems (the one everyone started using as a basis for retirement was actually a stinger). Baylor fan rumors, threats and other failures to cope was too much after losing following four straight games won. 

      TL;DR wants to start over somewhere without the baggage. 

      Our QB situation is very exciting. 


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      Yeah, right?  How is he when he has to run for his life?  LOL. 

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      excellent. when nothing else was working for Baylor, circa 2019, he would do his best Lamar Jackson impression and move the ball with his arms / legs. Whether Utah has the receivers is a different story but Brewer wins games when he has a competent coaching staff.

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      First, let me offer condolences to the Ute family as well as Ty Jordan’s family for your loss. Too difficult to say anything else.

      Second, I wished Charlie had stayed but I understand all the dynamics some of which are mentioned in this thread. Charlie does have the ability to load a team on his shoulders and make some good things happen.
      The line play was not consistent in any of his four years though we thought 2019’s line was building well for 2020.(not) Running backs were above average with only two in these years that could get playing time most anywhere else. Receiver quality and quantity has been better than just good but this year, best ones with experience graduated though and a young group with lots of speed but does not have college experience. Throw in a new offensive coordinator that, let’s say, did not work out, and then all the covid stuff, more injuries than usual on both sides of the ball, new coaches,etc ….Charlie was a warrior always making the best of the situation. Fun to watch. He always has been his best when his team is down in the third and fourth quarters and never, never, never quits! Congrats

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