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      Pace Manyung
      Ute Fan

      Wiscy lost the Rose Bowl because of boneheaded turnovers but the eye test proved they were the better team.  

      Better D and Oline. Better running attack. More physical. More athletic.

      A few stats regarding Wiscy football:  

      Since 2010 Wiscy has gone to the Rose Bowl 4 times (also throw in a few Orange and Cotton bowls).

      Recruiting ranking the past 4 years  23, 29,45,32,39 ( slightly better than Utah).

      I will argue that Utah has better in-state recruits with a built-in Poly pipeline in their own backyard – yet Wiscy has a blue print for building physical and athletic teams…. and getting into major bowls on a yearly basis.

      Is this just better coaching/structure with the WISCY program? Or does playing in the BIG10 make you a better program?

      Wiscy would have destroyed Utah last night.  





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      Ute Fan

      I dont disagree with you here.

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      Ute Fan

      The revolving door at OC has left Utah with no offensive identity. Whitt kept changing what he wanted his offense to be after Ludwig left and Utah joined the PAC 12. Each OC has a slight difference in how they want to run the “spread” or any other offense. This leads to constantly recruiting athletes that might not fit in the next guys scheme. 

      It also helps that BIG10 has OSU making the playoff often. It raises the conference since the runner up gets the Rose Bowl. 

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      Ute Fan

      Coach Erickson’s impact cannot be understated. Utah would not be where they are today without him. Could argue he helped keep KW employed during his time at Utah. Before the last two years (a result of his recruiting), Utah’s only winning records in the P12 was when he DE was on staff. No coincidence Utah had some offensive success when he was on staff as an assistant that is not including the recruiting impact he had over the past two years. KW owes him a tom of gratitude.

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