Zach Wilson & Moving on

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      Ute Fan

      With Zach coming off double shoulder surgery I think coug fans are going to see more of there backup hall this year than they may be expecting. Especially if Utah roughs him up the first week with Fotu and Anae rushing him consistently. August cant come soon enough.

      With all that in mind why is this riveraly still such a big deal when it literally means nothing to utah besides local bragging rights. When can we move past this and see the bigger picture. 

      Also I hope Ludwig’s offense can continue to put up points consistently this year, because our last games with Oregon, BYU, Washington, and Northwestern wasn’t impressive. 


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      Ute Fan

      Why is it a big deal still? Well, you are the first to really start a discussion about it in quite a while (minus a comment or two on Anae’s tweet)… so why don’t you ask yourself?

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      Ute Fan

      That game will stop being a big deal for me when we stop scheduling them.

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      Ute Fan

      Utah should have the players to make it 9 straight this year, but anything can happen.  I wouldn’t count out the cougs.  It’s a big deal because of local recruiting & the deep resentment some BYU and Utah have towards each other.

      I think Ludwig’s offense will be on full display early this year and we won’t wait until week 4 to see the offense ‘open up’.  I hate watching vanilla offense early in the year.


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        Ute Fan

        I hope Utes dominate enough to keep offense vanilla if they choose.

        All season.

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          The zoo will be pumped. Their fans will be all hopped up on ice cream. Just crazy you know? Wierd things will happen. The game will be way too close. 

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            Ute Fan

            They may need to be “pumped” to make it competitive, not taking anything away from TDS. At this point, Tyler Huntley and Zach Moss have a supreme taste for the rivalry, which it is still. The Hallendale Trio will not disappoint. And I see an whole lot of other Utah players who will show up for this one and play like madmen.

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      Ute Fan

      We should start Shelley. Just to rub salt in the wound.
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      Ute Fan

      I am a student at the U and no one even talked about the game on campus. It needs to come to an end because Utah is going to continue to dominate.

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        Ute Fan

        If you were at the game and attend regularly you would have noticed an earlier arriving and louder crowd to start the game.

        I was disappointed because to me the goal was to win the PAC which makes each of those games more important. But they weren’t. Noise doesn’t lie and I don’t get it.

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          Ute Fan

          I have had season tickets since 1995 in the same row and seats. I grew up during BYUs hay day I am getting my masters now at the U but no one seemed to care about the game. 

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      Puget Ute
      Ute Fan

      I hope he throws two passes to his cousin this year.

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