• I am not on the team (so I can look ahead) but I am also not smart enough to know:  Does Utah go to the Rose Bowl if (1) Utah meets Oregon in the Pac12 Championship, (2) Oregon wins, and (3) Oregon goes to the playoff?
    Or does the Rose Bowl get to pick a replacement if the Pac12 champion (Oregon in my scenario) goes to the playoff?
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  • Long time lurker.  Question for the collective:  I’ve become so conditioned to Whit calling a timeout before a delay of game penalty that I am a little surprised when watching other games that teams have the penalty called against them (I think there was at least one last night in the Arizona game for example).  Is avoiding the five yard penalty…[Read more]

  • Depends on the location. If they are west-side and under the press box then it is hard to see the entire video board. If not under the press box then you should be able to see the entire video board. As you may know, there is actually a bench for the first row of standing room tickets so not a bad way to catch a game.

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