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    Great read.

    The Pac 12 South is going to be an absolute war this year. Several teams have a lot to look forward to. Everyone has people back. UCLA and ASU’s depth charts are basically in tact, and ASU at times seemed like they might be the best team in the conference but choke-inclined.

  • This upcoming season’s ASU team is, at least on paper, probably the best roster they’ve fielded since Utah joined the conference. Probably the best since the Plummer/Tillman era.

    A few areas of concern like WR, backup QB and the usual general offensive and defensive line depth that every team not named Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State have, but…[Read more]

  • Whitt is your Kush. Keep him until he’s done. ASU was forever changed when Kush was pushed out and really hasn’t recovered. When he’s tired, let him retire with a plan and place so he can Barry Alvarez it as AD.

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    Pretty optimistic. I like the starters anyway, though there will be depth concerns if the injury bug or COVID hits a group hard. As Central mentioned, I wrote a lot about it and instead of rehash:

    Siaki Ika would be a huge get for us on many levels

    Just my own takes.

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    They’re going to go full retard on passing w/ Gunnell. Like they might drop back 60 times. He’s the only thing they have going for them. Their best defensive players bailed. It’s a sinking ship, and all Sumlin can do is throw haymaker after haymaker and hope he finds lightning in a bottle.

    I hope y’all mess them up, but if you’re not getting…[Read more]

  • Kind of expect you guys to have some new group of dudes I’ve never heard of that still play well up front. Like you said, turning into the Utah MO.

    And yes! Rivalries are made, not preordained. Y’all don’t like us. We’re pretty sick of your overachieving s**t. That’s how it starts. We’ll never hate you like we hate Arizona, but there’s room fo…[Read more]

  • Rivalries are made, not preordained. Y’all don’t like us. We’re pretty sick of your overachieving shit. That’s how it starts.

    We’re going to have very good starters on defense this year, with maybe the exception of DE, but the depth at LB is a concern. Our DT’s are going to be superb. Davidson is a monster of a nose tackle that, despite…[Read more]

  • ASU’s offensive line was one of the worst I’ve seen from a respectable program in recent memory, and Daniels still managed to guide them to 8 wins despite being 175 pounds at 6’4″.

    That’s the reason for the hype. Obviously he could have a sophomore slump, or get hurt, or other weird things can happen, but the hype seems on the surface to be…[Read more]

  • Guy never replied, so I’ll take a shot at it with admitted bias. Jayden Daniels was the composite #2 dual threat QB in the country and the highest composite 4 star as #35 overall national recruit. Bo Nix was the #1 dual and #34 overall… And I’d wager if you swapped them around, the one who went to the SEC would be higher.

    He was a 6’4″ stick…[Read more]

  • For fuck’s sake. I watch this forum to see what you all think about matchups, but this sort of crybaby crap is pretty weak. You lost @USC. Big deal. Up until we got them last year, they hadn’t lost at home in like 19 games. It’s not an easy place to win. You’re still probably going to go 7-2 or something in conference and win the South.…[Read more]

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